Partnership Program Benefits


PNC Consulting Services (PNCCSI) provides a number of services to the Alliance Network to help our membership sell and/or support our products and services. Business development services provide Alliances with sales assistance, co-marketing support, and promotion initiatives aimed at increasing your organization's opportunity. Access to PNCCSI's information resources also provides our Alliances with significant industry advantages for positioning and adding value in our focus markets.


Technology support services are aimed at teaching your employees about our products, and continuing that education process as our technology evolves. Access to our products, support and training resources helps your organization develop the skills required to work with our products.

Business Development and Marketing Support
Alliances are invited to work with PNCCSI for the joint generation of a business development plan in relation to marketing, selling, and supporting PNCCSI products and services. PNCCSI offers co-operative programs which are geared toward helping you reach our community through direct mail, seminars, and other joint-marketing opportunities. Co-operative funding and Market Development Funds are available to Alliance Network members. Programs vary by Alliance type and product focus.

Technology Support and Skills Development
Each Alliance Network member will receive a not-for-resale evaluation copy of PNCCSI's product for testing and demonstration purposes. The license copy your organization receives will correspond to the products you are authorized to sell and/or support. Network Alliance members will be invited to participate in training and information sessions to develop your organization's technical knowledge of the PNCCSI products you sell and/or support. Technical training and certification is required for some of our Alliance members.

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