Business leaders globally have reached consensus regarding the value and importance of strategic alliances in driving new business models, entering new markets and building competitive advantage and business value. The PNC Consulting Services (PNCCSI) Alliance Network takes this one step further by establishing an integrated set of programs that can offer value to a variety of business relationships. From Global Strategic Alliances to Partners in the Business and Technology Alliance Programs, there is a wealth of opportunities for organizations to join forces with PNCCSI in this growing market.




Through these broad business relationships, PNCCSI and our alliance partners will be able to fulfill key market development objectives. We value all of the relationships we create in the industry, and welcome new partners to explore the opportunities an alliance with PNCCSI offers. The Alliance Network is structured to offer partnerships within three types of alliance programs - the Business Alliance Program, Technology Alliance Program, and the Global Strategic Alliance Program.

Questions regarding each of these programs can be addressed by sending e-mail to PNCCSI at










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