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We will provide training for every product and services we provide to our customers. For nearly 10 years, PNC Consulting Services has helped a broad range of public- and private-sector clients improve their performance and organizational effectiveness by providing technical training.

Through our training programs, PNCCSI has helped organizations adapt to new challenges with innovative solutions and high-quality continuing education. Drawing on our consulting experience in the areas of finance, telecommunication, homeland security, community development, and technology, PNCCSI designs training programs to help organizations respond to change with creativity instead of apprehension. We develop training programs that may be delivered as instructor-led classes, self-paced coursework, job-performance aids, or video- or Web-based courses. Our training topics include the following:

  • Information Management Training

  • Project Management Training

  • Management Enhancement and Education Programs

  • Distance Learning

  • Computer Programming

  • Enterprise Systems Design

  • Organizational Learning

  • Client Specific Courseware*

In addition to producing traditional, instructor-led training, PNCCSI also provides distance learning solutions for each of our training topics. We have developed interactive multimedia courseware to help clients train staff in multiple locations and provide engaging training solutions outside the classroom setting.

We also help government and commercial organizations alike manage all of their learning (e.g., education, training, communication, and information) in ways that deliver breakthrough performance at both the individual level and across the extended enterprise—while reducing costs. PNCCSI's innovative Learning Integration approach gives you the tools and insight you need to identify and implement creative solutions to your organizations learning challenges.

PNCCSI applies the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process to our efforts to produce measurable performance improvement through development of behavioral objectives, observable proficiency measures and accurate analysis of training requirements, training outcomes, and target audience needs. PNCCSI's approach to ISD encompasses the development of instructional materials and the identification and implementation of non-instructional solutions to employee performance challenges.





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