Itís not enough to know the issues - you need to understand the implications for your industry. Time to diversify? Change your strategy? Tap your digital potential? Find tailored answers here.

The unique PNC Consulting Services Inc (PNCCSI) approach delivers knowledge and expertise that helps clients better understand complex issues and make better strategic decisions wherever they conduct business. PNCCSI has earned an excellent reputation for applying specialized problem-solving skills to a diverse range of clients and industries.

Our team of dedicated professionals strive to make your business more successful through the cost effective use of computer technology. At PNCCSI, we offer a wide range of consulting services to meet all of your computer technology needs.

We have worked with our clients to create complex networks, develop and install software applications and systems, create Web sites with browser-based tools and services and educate our clients on the latest cutting-edge technologies available. We help to chart their future, anticipating their technology needs and setting standards for excellence.

We at PNCCSI have established a solid track record of challenging, yet highly successful engagements and projects. We're proud and excited by the groundbreaking work we're doing today. We see the additional knowledge and skills we've acquired along the way as a fertile background for cultivating new ideas and identifying unique business opportunities for our clients.

Our clients comprise six major sectors of the economy: Financial Services; Education; Real Estate; Manufacturing; Technology, Media & Telecommunications; and Consumer Business.









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