Corporate Overview


PNC Consulting Services Inc (PNCCSI) is an emerging leader in the world of global Information Technology. Our goal is to create solid business value for our clients by applying innovative technology along with proprietary products to create customized solutions supported by complete life-cycle service.

Our people, attracted to PNCCSI by the careers we provide and the exciting business challenges we take on, are a diverse lot. But whether they come from one of the Fortune 500 companies or with a wealth of relevant work experience, PNCCSI people believe that the future of business is inextricably intertwined with technology.

PNCCSI solutions can be implemented locally and globally. Our solutions can be integrated into robust e-commerce and scalable Internet/Intranet environments. From design,
implementation and technical support, PNCCSI has the enterprising ideas, skilled management and industry expertise that will increase the value of your business and deliver positive results to your bottom line.

Our clients fundamentally define who PNCCSI is. Our clients include members of the Fortune 100 and some start-ups you’ll be hearing about soon. They expect measurable results and rapid deployment. They want to work with a small, focused team that can deliver strategy and business design, as well as breakthrough creative and scalable market offerings. And they want more than just "faster, better, cheaper." They want lasting business success.












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